Bad Acid Tab 4 - 2007


Unimother 27 is a solo project from Italy, home of the best Prog scene on Earth, and also some of the best heavy psich too. Now, the thought of a one man prog ? band? really intrigued me. How would this work? I mean, big expansive stretches of explorative music with no one to explore with ... How do you write such big pieces without people to bounce off? And I guess the other side of this is that you can take your own vision undiluited to its logical conclusion. Whatever, like I said, intriguing, I talked to the Unimother himself, Piero Ranalli.


B.A: Firstly, Unimother 27 is a bizarre name for a ‘band’ – what’s the root of the name?


PIERO: All is started when a day I realized the number 27 was connected with some important events of my life. On 27th I had an accident with my motorbike (almost deadly) and from that day my attention went casually on this number. To the beginning it didn’t seem remarkable, but after several years I saw too strange things happen on this day. So when I decided to do my musical project I thought to call it Unimother 27. Unimother comes from a fusion of two words, Universe and Mother, the meaning of the concept is a cosmic cycle based on the 27. I hope it’s clear but, for me it isn’t easy to explain it.


B.A: Unimother 27 is a solo project – why go it alone? Are the really no other musicians to share your dream, or is it more that you don’t want to share it?!!


PIERO: Well, it’s a choice, nothing else. I consider unimother 27 an individual path, it’s a creative moment I couldn’t share with others, it’s extremely intimate. I compose and record in my lab (Pineal Gland) when the inspiration arrives and it’s impossible to have other musicians in that instant.


B.A: Is there a vision you are trying to unfold with your music? Where are you taking us? Is this a Journey of the inner mind, seen by the third eye alone, or is it space exploration?!! Where is our journey’s end?


PIERO: What the people watch every day (the daily reality) it’s decoded by deceptive mind. We will begin to see in the right way only when our thoughts will be able to free themselves from the mental schemes. There is who uses the drugs, who through magical practices but the mean is not important as the purpose.

So to answer to your question !! I do this through the music (to compose music bring me to the right vision) and I wish the listening of it can make the mind of other people open.


B.A: Isn’t it  a bit difficult playing prog yourself? How do you write and record? I assume you have your own studio and can write and layer tracks at you own leisure ... Do tracks evolve as the are recorded, or do you write the song complete in your mind then put it down on tape?


PIERO: It’s easier than that you believe, it’s all in my head. I don’t use a fixed method to write the music. A song can be born from an emotion, from a melody that I have in mind, from a dream. I take inspiration from what surround me. I record in my studio (Pineal Gland Lab) with a multitracks digital recording. I haven’t problems of time, I can work in total calm. Sometimes happen some songs take form during recordings, others are already complete in my head, others directly grow from improvisations.


B.A: You are involved with a couple of other bands – Insider a space-doom rock band, with four albums to date; and Areknamés, a dark prog-rock outfit with two albums under your belt ... What made you decide to go solo as well, surely you are busy enough?! You play bass in both these bands – is this your primary instrument? Do you ever play other instruments in these bands?


PIERO: Currently I’m playing the bass only with Areknamés, I meditated the realization of Unimother 27 from long time, only from few years I have found  the correct energies to do it. My primary instrument is the bass, in the second and third album of Insider I have also programmed a drum machine. I play all instruments (guitar, bass, percussions, analog synth, voice) only in Unimother 27.


B.A: You have recorded and are about to release the second Unimother album as we speak. It’s quite a progression from your first, somewhat, darker and heavier. Are you satisfied with the result? Is this a direction you will be taking further?


PIERO: The new album “Escape from the ephemeral mind” has some points of contact with the first but it isn’t based on an improvisation, there are songs that have a precise structure. I have to say that I am very satisfied of the result. On the net (My Space) there are the preview of three songs of it: Homo ... sapiens?, Warm embrace, Whispers from the center (I hope it will relased on February, otherwise more time), the whole cd will contain eight songs, Unimother 27 has not directions, it surely has a path but it is not a straight line. Madness is unpredictable and everything is unique.


B.A: And I must ask – will Unimother 27 reamin a solo project? Surely with so many great tracks you’ll want to get members and put a band togheter, just to perform live?!!


PIERO: In the future there will be some collaborations with other musicians but it will remain always a solo project. It’s probable that for a live I will put on a band, who knows ...........

B.A: On this expansive note I’ll depart from your table and leave you to add any lost words or hidden meanings ... Maybe add a few mantras or utter a curse or two ...


PIERO: I want above all to thank you for the opportunity that you have offered me and I would like to conclude the interview saying these words: ”if it is excluded by the human activities everything that concerns to the attainment of the profit, the art will remain only”.